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My name is Joe Obuchowski, I'm a music and film creator and producer in Essex.

I'm Inspired by a mixture of rock, funk,

electronic and more.

By fusing heavy riffs with memorable funky vocals myself and the friends I collaborate with are able to bring rock music to a wider audience.

Through my previous ventures, I have progressed musically and as a songwriter which led me to my new project as 'Joe Wilde'.

First was The Novelty, second was Karma Wild and thirdly I spent some time writing as a duo

with my close mate Jake Schneider.

In all of these projects I met some amazing people and really got first hand experience in the music industry.

After years of producing music and learning my craft, all of the music, lyrics and film production

are created in my home studio.

In my hopes that I can bring rock music to

more people, I hope you enjoy!

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